Jamie Drouin (b.1970) is a Canadian sound and visual artist. His minimalistic installations highlight unique perceptual experiences of sound, while his electronic music under the name Liquid Transmitter explore the intersections of ambient, abstract, and experimental genres.

Drouin has worked with several international artists including projects with Lucio Capece, Johnny Chang, Crys Cole, Olaf Hochherz, Karl Kliem, Hannes Lingens, Yann Novak, Mathieu Ruhlmann, Sabine Vogel, and Lance Austin Olsen, with whom he co-founded Infrequency Editions in 2001, and has collaborated with on numerous artworks, compositions and installations. Drouin was also a founding member of the dub-techno duo Overcast Sound with Michael Pettit until 2012.

Featured at numerous international venues including Deutschlandradio Kultur, Sonica, Henry Art Gallery, Biennial of the Americas, Mutek, TodaysArt.

Recent published solo and collaborative audio works are available from Another Timbre, Caduc, Infrequency, Intonema, Liquid Transmitter Bandcamp, Mikroton, Rhizome.s.

Drouin lives and works in Victoria, BC.


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