Jamie Drouin
Infrequency Editions 2019

A ridge made by folding,
incising, and from the passing of shadow.
A ridge made by the absence of something else.


Jamie Drouin
Infrequency Editions 2019

With Fusiform, Jamie Drouin presents us with eight new compositions for Buchla synthesizer and magnetic tape, in which forms are revealed through the speeding up, and slowing down of recorded layers.


Infrequency Editions 2019

Blindsight was the debut album from D.O.R. (Canadian artists Jamie Drouin, Lance Austin Olsen, and Mathieu Ruhlmann). Originally published by CONV in 2011, Blindsight documents their initial meeting at Drouin’s home with four confident improvised works.


Jamie Drouin
Infrequency Editions 2018

A live recording of Drouin’s presentation at the 2005 edition of PLACARD//MUTEK in Montreal. Torqued Ellipses is a combination of analogue synthesis, and location recordings of physically interacting with Richard Serra’s steel sculptures of the same name.


Jamie Drouin
Infrequency Editions 2018

Composed between October 2017 and July 2018 on a small Buchla analog synthesizer, with an additional segment on ‘Drift 4’ made on the Buchla system at EMS Elektronmusikstudion (Stockholm).


Jamie Drouin & Lance Austin Olsen
Infrequency Editions 2018

A combination of two studio improvisation sessions from October 2017 by Jamie Drouin (Buchla analog synthesizer) and Lance Austin Olsen (amplified objects).


Jamie Drouin
Infrequency Editions 2018

Paysage is an album of several viewpoints upon an ever shifting landscape – an ‘exquisite corpse’ of sounds which combine in the listener’s mind to form a singular experience of a place.



Palindrome, self released
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Live in Paris, Dragons Eye Recordings
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Sonámbulo, Rope Swing Cities
Mutek05, self-released


Alluvium – Intonema
Borough – Mikroton
sometimes we all disappear – Another Timbre
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Blindsight, Con-V
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+Room-Room, Henry Art Gallery
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Murderer Among Us, Infrequency Editions


Cartography, self released
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Fuselage, self released
Retina, self released
Double Horizon, self released
Lenticular, self released
Egress, self released
Tidal Locking, self released
Letters from the Black Sea, self released
Leviathan, self released


Fukushima und die Mopsfledermaus, documentary by Philipp von Becker & Misha Tours


The Mondrians, Hotham Sound
Scores & Markings, Infrequency Editions
Presque Rien, Rhizome.s
Wandelweiser und so weiter, Another Timbre
Dotolim Special Edition USB-drive, Korea
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