5 channel outdoor sound installation

During a weekend in August, 1981, forty-eight captive birds were slaughtered inside Victoria BC’s Beacon Hill Park Aviary by an unknown individual. There is no dedication or marker commemorating the event; the empty Aviary has become it’s own silent reminder of this senseless act of premeditated violence.

Lucid Dreams of 48 Birds reflects upon the murders and explores the emotional and physical transformation of the Aviary through a 5 speaker sound installation.

Using field recordings of actual birds, synthesized counterparts, and recordings made through physical interaction with the structure, the Aviary became a new hive of sonic life for two months before returning to its dormant state.

“As listeners walk around the ornate metal cage, they’ll hear field recordings of actual birds, synthesized versions and sounds from the structure itself to create an evolving composition that fades in and out of hearing range.” – Weekend Edition News, August 19, 2005

Created with the assistance of a grant from the BC Arts Council, the logistical support of the City of Victoria, and the Beacon Hill Park staff.